The Blueprints for the ‘Practical Magic’ House Are Available Online

The house was so enchanting that Barbra Streisand actually reached out to production and asked how she could buy it.

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman starred as sisters in a family of witches in Practical Magic (1998).

One of the biggest disappointments in cinematic history is learning that the beautiful victorian house where the Owens matriarchs lived in Practical Magic (1998) was in reality only an architectural shell that was demolished soon after filming wrapped. The house was so enchanting that Barbra Streisand actually reached out to production and asked how she could buy it. The story is that the home was thought to be so important to the plot of the movie that while most of Practical Magic was filmed on a soundstage in California, a set house was built on San Juan Island in Washington. It was never intended to be a functional home and was built on park land that had Native American heritage, so it was deconstructed after filming ended.

Sally and Ginny Owens grew up in the home with their aunts after their mother died of a broken heart.

For fans who have grown up dreaming about living in a witchy victorian house complete with a greenhouse for growing all the herbs they need for their spells, the blueprints for the set design are available online. You’ll need a real architect to help you translate the designs for a shell house into a functional home that’s meant to last longer than the duration of filming, but that’s a small price to pay for living out an entire fandom’s dream life. Fans have used the blueprints to renovate single rooms in their home to resemble the Owens house and have even painstakingly duplicated the Practical Magic house in The Sims game.

The blueprints seem to have originated from either the official Practical Magic website or the former fan site Amas Veritas.

With its winding staircases, usable fireplaces, greenhouse, and cottage core aesthetic, it’s no wonder fans over the years have fallen in love with the Practical Magic house. The idea was that the house should look like generations of witches have lived there since Maria Owens survived her execution 300 years ago. Evidence of the design’s success is the feeling that at any moment, Stevie Nicks might show up for midnight margaritas.

At least part of the magic of the house is the breathtaking view its cliffside location affords. (Yes, Practical Magic needs a 4k restoration).

We’re waiting to see if any lucky fans are able to make a functional dupe of the home, but it’s also just fun daydream fodder to look through the blueprints and imagine what it would be like.

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