New Movies on Screambox in April 2023

A list of everything headed to Screambox in April of 2023, complete with descriptions and direct links to watch.

Cube (2021), the Japanese remake of the 1997 science fiction cult classic, stream on Screambox starting April 11, 2023.

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Screambox has a very nice crop of classic, found footage, low-budget, and newer horror streaming in April 2023. Watch trailers for every Screambox Original and Exclusive, and browse through brief descriptions of every other movie coming to Screambox this month. Direct links to stream each movie will be added to this article as they become available.

New Screambox Originals & Exclusives in April 2023

Living With Chucky (2022)

Original – Streams April 4
Living With Chucky is written and directed by Kyra Elise Gardner, the daughter of Tony Gardner (the special effects supervisor for Chucky since Seed of Chucky).

Living With Chucky is a documentary about the Chucky film franchise, the people who bring the Chucky universe to life, and the bonds those people have created. Check out our review of Living With Chucky.

Family Dinner (2022)

Exclusive – Streams April 7
Family Dinner is from Austrian director Peter Hengl.

Simi travels to her nutritionist aunt’s isolated home for the Easter holiday with the hope that her aunt can start her on the path to losing weight. Simi’s visit goes awry when she quickly learns that her aunt has some peculiar and unsettling quirks.

Cube (2021)

Original – Streams April 11
Cube is a Japanese remake of the Canadian cult classic Cube (1997).

A group of strangers wake up in a strange, cubical room with no memory of how they got there. They quickly discover that they are in a huge complex of cubical rooms, some of which contain deadly traps. Can they work together and figure out a way to survive, and to escape?

Shifted (2022)

Original – Streams April 18
Shifted did well on the festival circuit, winning numerous awards and independent film festivals.

Outside, people are turning into violent, zombie-like killing machines. Inside a house that is the only hope of survival for a group of people, there is a murderer on the loose. Shifted is like a mashup of a murder mystery and a zombie movie (with some good gore).

Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle (2023)

Exclusive – Streams April 21
Writer/director James Nguyen is back for the third installment of his popular killer-bird franchise.

Climate change drives sea eagles to attack humans. Can anything be done? If you’re a fan of the Birdemic franchise, the callbacks to the original movie seen in this trailer are likely enough to entice you to give this third movie a watch.

Other Movies Streaming in April 2023 on Screambox

The following movies will also be added to Screambox throughout April 2023. Streaming dates aren’t available for every movie listed, but keep checking back for direct streaming links (in the title of each movie) as they become available.

  • The Andy Baker Tape (2021) – Found footage thriller presented as the last known footage of a food vlogger who goes on a road trip with his half-brother (whom he meets for the first time).
  • Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010) – The infamous so-bad-it’s-good movie about global warming, romance, and bird attacks.
  • Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (2013) – This sequel doesn’t match the charm of the original, but it’s required viewing for the Birdemic trilogy.
  • The Borrower (1991) – Rae Dawn Chong and Tom Towles star in this incredibly fun sci-fi horror movie about an alien serial killer exiled to Earth and who must repeatedly “borrow” human heads to complete his disguise as an Earthling.
  • The Christmas Tapes (2022) – A Christmas horror anthology movie framed with a story about a home invasion on Christmas Eve in which a family is forced to watch a series of VHS tapes.
  • Creepshow (1982) – The classic horror anthology from George Romero and Stephen King.
  • Hell House LLC: Director’s Cut (2015) – The extended version of this found-footage gem, reverted back to a form director Stephen Cognetti originally intended prior to making cuts and edits for the film’s initial release.
  • Hell House LLC 3: Lake of Fire (2019) – The third Hell House LLC movie digs into the history of the new owner of the Abaddon Hotel.
  • Murder Made Easy (2017) – An unusual dinner party turns into a series of murders. It’s a murder mystery where the question isn’t “who,” but “why.”
  • Needful Things (1993) – Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Max Von Sydow plays a shop owner who stocks exactly what everyone desires… for a price. Also starring Ed Harris and Bonnie Bedelia.
  • The Rake (2018) – Siblings Ben and Ashley confront the entity that killed their parents in this supernatural horror movie.
  • Razorback (1984) – A wild boar runs wild in the Australian outback in this animal-attack classic.
  • Savageland (2015) – A pseudo-documentary/mockumentary that investigates the horrifying truth behind a mass murder.
  • Scare Zone (2009) – A killer is on the loose inside a haunted house attraction in this low-budget horror flick.
  • Sleep. Walk. Kill. (2022) – A mysterious phenomenon causes people to become murderously aggressive if they fall asleep.
  • Thankskilling (2008) – A goofy horror comedy featuring a foul-mouthed demonic killer turkey.
  • Thankskilling 3 (2012) – The sequel to Thankskilling (there is no Thankskilling 2) which gets even stranger and sillier than the original.
  • Timber Falls (2007) – A couple goes for a camping trip in the woods, only to be attacked by locals in this backwoods horror movie.
  • The Wild Man (2021) – An ambitious found-footage horror movie about the search for a skunk ape (aka Florida Bigfoot).

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