‘The 13th Child’ Exclusive Poster Reveal and Press Release – Old-School Supernatural Scares from Filmmaker James Crow

The 13th Child will be a horror film with classic sensibilities, taking inspiration from the likes of The Omen, The Orphanage, and The Haunting.

As huge fans of indie horror, we’re always on the lookout for the next great, truly-independent scary movie. Over the past few years, England-based production company Last British Dragon has been making a name for itself in the thriving UK indie horror scene. Filmmaker James Crow is the creative mind behind Last British Dragon, and you can currently watch many of his films on Tubi including Curse of the Witching Tree (2015) and Nightmare on 34th Street (2023).

James was kind enough to share with us some information and art for one of his upcoming films. So, on behalf of Last British Dragon, Creepy Catalog is proud to exclusively reveal the poster art and official press release for James Crow’s upcoming horror film, The 13th Child!

The following is quoted from the press release for Last British Dragon:

Last British Dragon is due to go into production on James Crow’s latest horror, The 13th Child, which promises to be a mix of The Orphanage and The Omen. Written and directed by James Crow, it will be the second film co-produced with Benjamin David after they recently wrapped The Wicker Children together late last year.

The full cast is being kept under wraps at the moment, but Nekoda Garrett will be making her feature film debut in the starring lead role as Anna, a foster care worker who agrees to take on a mysterious child whose family have just been murdered. As a night of horror unfolds at the foster home in the English countryside, an investigator starts to uncover a terrifying legend of demonic history going back to medieval times.

James Crow says of the movie “I’m really proud of this script. I think it’s one of my best since Curse of the Witching Tree which you can see on Netflix. It’s a classy old-school horror film with elements of The Haunting and other horrors I grew up loving as a kid which made me want to make film.”

James Crow has had his work shown at multiple festivals including Frightfest and the Lit Scares Festival where he won Best Director. His film House of Salem was praised in Total Film as ‘hammer horror’ and he recently directed the dark drama Nemesis for Shogun Films with legendary British actors Billy Murray, Nick Moran and Julian Glover. His latest horror, The Wicker Children, is due for release later in the year and will be followed by The 13th Child shorty after. Prolific horror film producer Peter Oxley will again be joining Last British Dragon to Executive Produce, alongside James Crow’s long standing executives William Stoneburner and Steve Thomas.

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