21 Hilarious ‘B’ Horror Movies You May Not Have Heard Of

A homicidal llama has recently landed on Earth from outer space, near the teenagers’ get-together. Once this extraterrestrial llama begins killing the teens one by one, those surviving must figure out how to stop it before it murders them all.

Undead beavers terrorize vacationing teens in Zombeavers (2014).

B-grade horror combines corny Hallmark movie acting with unimaginable terrors to create films that are so bad they’re actually good. While some filmmakers are well-known for their art and creating hit after hit, others are known for creating ironically funny flicks. Some are even considered cult classics and have made unbelievable profits. Many of these are comedy horrors, so a few of these filmmakers are in on the joke, doubling down on absurdness.

Luckily for those of us with this niche horror taste, many of these low-budget movies are available across several streaming services. In fact, Netflix has devoted an entire sub-genre to B-grade horrors. To find them, head to the search bar in Netflix and type ‘8195’ to get all the cheesy performances you can handle. Whether it’s the writing, directing, acting, or a combination of the three, there’s something fascinating about their ability to capture your attention. 

Alligator (1980)

Don’t go in the sewers.

John Sayles wrote the screenplay for Alligator after being inspired by the urban legend about mutated alligators living in the sewer systems. In this story, a teenage girl and her family are on a trip to Florida when she purchases a baby alligator at a tourist trap. Upon returning home, her animal-hating father flushes the small gator down the toilet. The reptile survives on eating discarded illegal animal-testing parts injected with growth hormones. Soon, the massive gator goes on a killing rampage.

Black Sheep (2007)

Viewers might get their own sheep phobia after watching this.

Black Sheep, not to be confused with the Chris Farley and David Spade film, is a 2007 New Zealand comedy horror film written and directed by Jonathan King. Henry, who has a sheep phobia, heads to his brother’s farm, hoping he can buy out his share of the property. Instead, he is taken aback when he arrives to find that his brother has done experiments on the sheep, causing them to be blood-thirsty monsters with a taste for human flesh.

Teeth (2007)

The men in Dawn’s life live in fear of her vagina dentata.

Dawn is a small-town woman who lives near a nuclear power plant. In high school, she attends a meeting that preaches purity. It’s there she meets Tobey, who she believes is her soulmate. Unfortunately, Tobey doesn’t take the vows too seriously and tries to pressure Dawn to have sex. He eventually forces himself on her, revealing she has the mythical vagina dentata. If you’re unsure what that is, the movie’s name may be a good clue.

Rubber (2010)

The tire from Rubber is one of the goofiest horror movie villains of all time.

It’s the late 1990s in a hot California desert Robert, a tire, gains consciousness. Once the tire learns to roll, it notices a plastic water bottle. It hesitates at first before crushing it. As it grows more evil, it destroys more objects and even kills a couple of animals. The murderous tire eventually sets its sights on a mysterious woman and journeys to find her. In the meantime, Robert kills to seek revenge on those along its path. Meanwhile, the sheriff is scratching his head, trying to solve the string of murders happening in the small town.

2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)

Could Steven Spielberg do this?

Despite its relatively modest million-dollar budget, 2-Headed Shark Attack features an ensemble cast of stars like Carmen Electra as Dr. Anne Babish, Charlie O’Connell as Professor Franklin Babish, and Brooke Hogan as Kate. Aptly named, the plot revolves around a mutated 2-headed shark attacking anyone who dares get in its watery path. As more and more are devoured by the bi-headed creature, the survivors come together to create a plan to end the massacre.

Sharknado (2013)

Star Ian Zierling has been transparent about joining the franchise because he had a kid on the way and needed another role to qualify for Screen Actors Guild health insurance.

While you’ve likely heard of this shark-filled disaster film, a list of hilarious of b-list horror movies wouldn’t be complete without it. After the first installment had massive profits, the Sharknado franchise was born, complete with six films and a seventh on the way. As the title suggests, this film is about a freak tornado loaded with sharks. After the disaster is announced, bar owner Fin and a group of friends are tasked with finding Fin’s daughter and estranged wife.

Zombeavers (2014)

Zombeavers gives us a new reason not to go in the water.

This comedy horror film begins with two careless truck drivers (John Mayer and Bill Burr) carrying toxic chemicals. After hitting a deer, one of the barrels lands in a nearby river, where it reaches a beaver dam. A trio of college friends plans a trip to a cabin that, unbeknownst to them, is near the contaminated dam. At first, the group believes the rabid beaver they come across has rabies. In actuality, the beavers are zombies with a taste for human flesh.

Llamageddon (2015)

This is probably the funniest movie still on Creepy Catalog.

With a budget of only $3000, independent filmmakers Howie Dewin and James Earl Cox III knew how to stretch their money. Even better for the duo, Amazon Prime purchased the film for $1 million, where you can stream it today. The story follows siblings Floyd and Mel, who are entrusted to watch their recently deceased grandparent’s house while their parents manage the will. Mel decides to throw a party, unaware of the soon-to-be massacre. A homicidal llama has recently landed on Earth from outer space, near the teenagers’ get-together. Once this extraterrestrial llama begins killing the teens one by one, those surviving must figure out how to stop it before it murders them all.

The Velocipastor (2019)

The stills from Velocipastor are pretty goofy looking.

Velicipastor is a sci-fi comedy horror film written, directed, and produced by Brendan Steere. The story follows a Roman-Catholic priest, Doug Jones, who travels to China after the death of his parents. He stumbles upon an artifact that allows him to transform into a dinosaur. Initially, he’s apprehensive about his new skill until a sex worker guides him to use his power to fight crime.

More hilarious B horror movies:

There’s Nothing Out There (1991) a paranoid horror movie fan expects the worst when he and his friends go to a remote lodge for the weekend.

Evil Bong (2006) Tommy Chong appears in this horror comedy about college stoners who rip from the wrong bong.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012) a sadistic nun massacres horny teens at a religious camp.

The Night of the Wererooster (2015) a “tongue-in-beak homage to creature features”.

Slaw (2017) a parody of the Saw franchise two foodie brothers who punish anyone who ruins their dining experience.

Killer Sofa (2019) a Lazy Boy recliner falls in love and turns to murder to get the girl.

Noah’s Shark (2021) a televangelist sets out with a film crew to find the historic Noah’s Arc not knowing it is guarded by a prehistoric shark.

Sharks of the Corn (2021) an attempt at blending the magic of Children of the Corn and Jaws.

Amityville Karen (2022) no one is safe from the “Karen” of the town of Amityville after she accidentally consumes a curse bottle of wine.

Bring it On: Cheer or Die (2022) a cheer squad learns its a bad idea to have practice at a haunted old school on Halloween.

Murdercise (2023) a fitness nerd murders her way to the top.

Slotherhouse (2023) a sorority girl adopts a killer sloth with the hopes that its cuteness will help her win her house election.

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