‘M3GAN’ Unrated Differences: A List of Everything Changed and Added in the Unrated Version

There is more gore and profanity in M3GAN: Unrated. Find out every difference and where to find them within the movie.

Is M3GAN: Unrated (2023) the superior version of the movie?
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Two versions of M3GAN were released on Peacock on February 24, 2023. One is the PG-13 edit seen in theaters, and the other is a new unrated version being seen for the first time. Well, M3GAN: Unrated is actually rated TVMA on Peacock, but that’s just a technicality. What matters is that the “unrated” version of M3GAN promised to deliver a more violent and bloody horror movie.

The unrated version is six seconds longer overall, but there are more than six seconds worth of changes. The majority of the changes seen in M3GAN: Unrated come in two categories: violence and language. Dialogue changes add many more f-bombs to the unrated cut, and that alone would have pushed the original PG-13 version of M3GAN into an R rating. More importantly though, there is more blood in the unrated version. As expected, all the extra gore occurs in the murders M3GAN commits. Read on to learn every single addition and change made in M3GAN: Unrated. Major spoilers below.

Violence and Gore Added in M3GAN: Unrated

Brandon’s Death

A closeup of Brandon's ear being torn off in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
Gruesome shots like this are a welcome addition to the movie.

At 56:07 in M3GAN: Unrated, there is an added closeup of Brandon’s ear being torn off. There are two very brief shots here. The first is of the flesh of Brandon’s ear ripping as it’s pulled. Once it pops off, a second and even shorter clip shows blood spraying out of Brandon’s new ear hole. To accommodate the added footage, a couple of previous shots are edited in a different order between the PG-13 and unrated edits.

Brandon gets run over in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
The unrated version draws out Brandon’s death slightly longer when we see him actually get run over.

The rest of the scene plays out the same in both versions until the end. At 56:55, when Brandon is run over by a car, the unrated version briefly shows Brandon on the road in front of the vehicle. All in a single shot, we then see him disappear underneath the wheels as the car skids to a stop, leaving a blood smear and a shoe behind. In the PG-13 version, that same shot is shortened so it begins with Brandon already underneath the vehicle. So, in the unrated version we see Brandon get hit, but in the PG-13 version we don’t.

Celia’s Death

Celia's hand is shot by a nail gun in M3GAN (2023).
The unrated version on the left shows the nail enter Celia’s hand from a different perspective than the PG-13 version (seen on the right).

Celia’s death scene starts out the same in both versions, with M3GAN spraying Celia with yard chemicals. Then, at 1:03:10 in the unrated cut, M3GAN shoots Celia in the hand with a nail gun. We see the nail enter Celia’s hand in both versions, but the angle is different. In the unrated cut, we get a side view which appears to be a tiny bit closer to the action. In the PG-13 cut, the view is from above.

Celia's face melts in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
Celia’s death in the unrated version is slightly shorter, but it is more graphic.

The next few shots after the nail gun are the same. Celia screams as M3GAN tosses the nail gun away, pumps up the chemicals, and sprays Celia in the face. In the PG-13 version, the film cuts back to M3GAN, then to a reflection of M3GAN in a pool of water, then to a closeup of the spray nozzle, and then ends with a shot of blood flowing into a drain. At 1:03:25 in the unrated edit, the reflection and blood-drain shots are cut out and replaced with a single shot of Celia’s face melting as she continues to be sprayed. The scene then ends with a closeup of the spray nozzle.

David’s Death

David looks at the paper-cutter blade sticking out of his torso in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
The same shots of David’s death are used in both versions, but the special effects added to the unrated version (seen here) are more graphic.

Starting at 1:19:42 in the unrated edit, David’s death shows the blade of the paper cutter much more prominently. In the PG-13 version, David’s shirt is pushed out and we only see a tiny portion of the tip of the blade as it protrudes from his torso. In the unrated version, the blade sticks out about six inches. The stabbing also causes a huge blood splatter that covers Kurt and the back wall of the elevator. There is no blood splatter in the PG-13 edit.

Kurt’s Death

Kurt cowers in the corner of an elevator in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
Kurt appears more shaken (and bloody) in M3GAN: Unrated.

Kurt’s death may be the most satisfying change in the entire movie. It also has the most extensive alterations. Kurt’s death scene in M3GAN: Unrated begins around 1:19:43 as he is splattered with blood from M3GAN’s stabbing of David. Every shot of Kurt from this point on is different from the PG-13 cut (though shots of M3GAN and cutaways are mostly the same). The main reason for that is all the blood. David is covered in blood as he cowers in the elevator, and the blood is practical rather than digital. The PG-13 scene is completely bloodless except for a tiny about on M3GAN’s blade.

Kurt's neck erupts in a spray of blood in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
Despite stealing company secrets and Gemma’s hard work, Kurt is mostly a sympathetic character. Still, his death scene is pretty great.

Kurt’s death ends up being shorter in M3GAN: Unrated. For the PG-13 version, M3GAN makes it look like Kurt kills himself. She grabs his right hand, places it on the bottom end of her paper-cutter blade, and forces him to fatally stab himself. The fatal blow is not shown. Instead all we see are two closeups of M3GAN and Kurt’s hands. In the unrated scene at about 1:20:44, once M3GAN is finished talking to Kurt, she simply slashes his throat. We see an additional shot of M3GAN swinging the blade, as well as an additional shot of Kurt’s neck becoming a blood geyser.

M3GAN stands in a bloody elevator in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
The shots of the elevator appear to be the same, and the blood was modified digitally.

The aftermath of Kurt and David’s deaths are also slightly different. Starting at 1:21:03 in the unrated cut, there is a shot of M3GAN in the elevator as she’s about to leave the Funki building. Behind M3GAN is a large blood splatter. The PG-13 elevator only has blood below the elevator’s handrail, and the top part of the elevator wall is completely clean. There is a second shot of the elevator a few seconds later. Once again the unrated elevator has blood all over, and the PG-13 elevator only has blood on the bottom half. The dead bodies of Kurt and David are the same in both movies.

Dialogue Changes in M3GAN: Unrated

David says a bad word in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
David has the most changes in dialogue. He uses a lot more colorful language in the unrated version of the movie. Interestingly, Brandon is the only character who says “fuck” in the PG-13 cut (which remains unchanged).

Here’s a list of every dialogue change made for M3GAN: Unrated. The majority of the changes are simply words of profanity added to lines of dialogue that were already in the PG-13 cut. In the list below, all words added to the unrated version are underlined (so, the PG-13 line is exactly the same, minus the underlined word). The time codes listed are for where you can find the dialogue in the unrated version of the movie.

  • 7:40 – David says, “You did not just fucking tell me that.”
  • 9:03 – David says, “And I want a fucking swipe card for this door.”
  • 28:14 – David says, “The moment we kicked Hasbro right in the fucking dick.”
  • 1:13:51 – David says, “I don’t even know what the fuck I’m looking at.”
  • 1:14:23 – David says, “No, I don’t want any fucking kids on stage.
  • 1:14:42 – David says, “Get me a fucking kombucha!”
  • 1:16:35 – Cole says, “Oh, fuck.” (He doesn’t finish the word in the PG-13 cut.)
  • 1:18:54 – David says, “Because we don’t have a fucking doll.”

The following dialogue changes are more than just a word or two added to the unrated cut. These are completely different lines delivered by the actors.

Gemma says a bad word in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
Gemma reacting to Cady getting bitten by Celia’s dog is a totally different take than the one used in the PG-13 scene.
  • 35:33 (Unrated) – Gemma says, “How many times do I have to tell you to keep your dog on your fucking property?”
  • 35:31 (PG-13) – Gemma says, “How many times do I have to tell you to keep your dog off my property?”
M3GAN talks to Kurt in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
M3GAN’s speech to Kurt is the only dialogue change that doesn’t involve the f-word.
  • 1:20:26 (Unrated) – M3GAN says, “But when David found out, things just got real messy.”
  • 1:20:27 (PG-13) – M3GAN says, “But when David found out, boy, things just got real messy.”
M3GAN threatens Gemma in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
M3GAN’s tone in her delivery of her threat to Gemma is slightly different between the two movies.
  • 1:25:16 (Unrated) – M3GAN says, “If she comes in this room I’ll tear your head right off your fucking neck, I swear to God.”
  • 1:25:22 (PG-13) – M3GAN says, “If she comes in this room I’ll rip your head right off your neck, I swear to God.”

Is M3GAN: Unrated Better than M3GAN: PG-13?

M3GAN prepares to swing a blade at Kurt in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
If you watch the two official trailers for M3GAN, they include shots cut from the PG-13 version and added back in for M3GAN: Unrated. These include the blood splatter on Kurt, the alternate angle of the nail in Celia’s hand, and M3GAN swinging the paper-cutter blade.

The PG-13 cut of M3GAN is great, but does more gore and profanity make it better? You can find Creepy Catalog’s article discussing this very topic. The conclusion? Yes, an edgier tone would improve an already good movie. Additionally, Akela Cooper’s original script was apparently much darker, so a more violent movie might be more in line with her original vision. Does M3GAN: Unrated deliver the movie we really wanted to see?

First, the dialogue. At a high level, the dialogue changes don’t add a lot to the movie. They do, however, make the dialogue feel more natural in most cases. After hearing the dialogue in the unrated version, the dialogue in the PG-13 version (mostly David’s) now sounds awkward. Certain scenes use different takes of shots where a line of dialogue was delivered differently, and other shots appear to be digitally altered to remove the offending words for the PG-13 cut. The f-bombs can’t be unheard, so the altered PG-13 scenes definitely feel weird now. Also, hearing M3GAN curse near the end of the movie makes her appear more menacing. So yes, the changes in dialogue do make the unrated version better, but only marginally so.

David is stabbed in the back in M3GAN: Unrated (2023).
Knowing that David and Kurt’s deaths were intended to have tons of blood makes this scene completely underwhelming in the PG-13 cut.

As for the gore, that is another welcome addition to M3GAN: Unrated. The blood does make the movie better, especially all the blood in Kurt’s death scene. Seeing the actual violence M3GAN does makes a big difference tonally. PG-13 M3GAN feels dangerous, but you know we’ll only see her go so far. Killing bad people in movies like this is part of the fun. The people she kills are all various degrees of bad, so there a limit to the satisfaction a viewer can get when killing blows and blood are kept hidden off screen. When you see the stabbings, face melting, and vehicular homicide, it absolutely hits differently. It’s way more satisfying from a slasher movie perspective.

So the final verdict is: yes, M3GAN: Unrated is the superior version of the movie. Overall they are basically the same film, but the juxtaposition of M3GAN’s sweetness with her murderous side is much more prominent in this newer edit. That makes her character more interesting to watch. Upon future re-watches, M3GAN: Unrated will always be the correct choice.

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