7 Creepy Movies + Shows Streaming This Weekend (4/26)

What’s streaming this weekend.

A woman suspects there’s someone else living in her home in Boy in the Walls (2024).

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Here are the movies and shows that should be on your radar this weekend (4/26):

Fallout (2024). Streaming on Prime Video. This dystopian drama series is already familiar to gamers who have played the game franchise of the same name. It follows survivors 200 years after the (nuclear) Great War of 2077. It’s a great watch even if you know nothing about the games. Read our guide to channeling energy like the bounty hunter, The Ghoul, here.

This Never Happened (2024). Streaming on Tubi. Visions of a violent spirit haunt a woman staying at her boyfriend’s family home.

The Crow (1994). Streaming on Prime Video. With the Crow remake starring Bill Skarsgård releasing this August, it’s a great time to rewatch The Crow. Or, if you’ve never seen The Crow, it’s a great time to rectify that mistake. This superhero horror movie follows a man who was murdered on Halloween night and returns one year later to get revenge. You can also read our arguments for and against The Crow remake here.

The Jinx: Part Two (2024). Streaming on Max. This is season two of the docuseries on New York real estate nepo-baby, convicted murderer and general slimeball Robert Durst. The first part of The Jinx was incredibly good and actually lead to Durst finally being arrested and convicted of first-degree murder. Durst has since passed away (while incarcerated) but season two promises some juicy moments (view the trailer below).

Boy in the Walls (2024). Streaming on Hulu. Hear me out. This Lifetime movie looks extremely scary!! It’s about a woman who gets married and moves from New York City to quiet Connecticut. In her new home, she feels watched and thinks she hears movement in the walls. It’s also “based on a real story” as phrogging (staying in a stranger’s house without them knowing) is unfortunately real.

Infested (2023). Streaming on Shudder. A French horror movie about an isolated man who adopts a venomous spider. Unfortunately his new pet quickly turns his entire apartment building into a dangerous web and the building’s residents have to avoid becoming prey. Bloody Disgusting says it looks like Evil Dead Rise with spiders.

Them: The Scare (2024). Streaming on Prime Video. On one hand, the first season of Them was not great. However, since the series is an anthology and the second season isn’t technically related to the first, this is worth checking out. Season 2 focuses on a homicide detective assigned to one of the grisliest cases in Los Angeles history.

Also available on video on demand (buy or rent) this weekend is Love Lies Bleeding (2024), a sexy thriller with Kristen Stewart from Rose Glass (who previously wrote and directed 2019’s Saint Maud).

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