10 Father’s Day Horror Movies on Netflix in June 2024

These ten movies currently streaming on Netflix test the bonds of a father’s love in horrific ways.

The Wailing (2016) shows how deep the bonds of fatherhood can be.

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Fathers Day is June 16th, but the fathers in your life deserve more than just a single day of recognition. This list provides ten movies currently streaming on Netflix that show a father’s love for their children (with one exception that shows a father’s greed). Make your Father’s Day a movie marathon, or spread the love throughout the month.

Horror and Thriller Movies about Fathers on Netflix in June 2024

1. The Wailing (2016)

The Wailing (2016).
The Wailing is one of the best horror movies of the 2010s. (pictured: Kim Hwan-hee and Kwak Do-won)

Director: Na Hong-jin | Runtime: 156 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Korean horror, emotional films, bloody movies

The Wailing is a movie about a father’s love for his daughter and the lengths he’ll go to try to save her. Jong-goo is a police officer in a small town who is struggling to make sense of a string of deaths in a nearby village. His investigation becomes intensely personal when his daughter appears to be infected with whatever is causing people to become murderously violent.

2. May the Devil Take You (2018)

May the Devil Take You (2018)
A sequel, May the Devil Take You Too, was released in 2020.

Director: Timo Tjahjanto | Runtime: 110 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Indonesian horror, curses, movies like Evil Dead

May the Devil Take You is a movie about the “sins of the father.” When a formerly wealthy man becomes gravely (and mysteriously) ill, his children gather together. While visiting their father’s home, they begin to learn about the dark pact he entered into years ago. They also quickly realize that they are going to be the ones who pay in blood for their father’s deeds.

3. Little Evil (2017)

Little Evil (2017)
Owen Atlas and Adam Scott star in Little Evil.

Director: Eli Craig | Runtime: 94 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Antichrist movies, horror comedies, dysfunctional families

What if the Antichrist just needed a little love? That’s the question answered by the horror comedy Little Evil. Adam Scott plays a man who marries the mother of the Antichrist, and earning the love of the son of Satan is going to take a lot of patience.

4. Firestarter (1984)

Firestarter (1984)
David Keith stars in Firestarter as Andy McGee, the father of Drew Barrymore’s character Charlie McGee.

Director: Mark L. Lester | Runtime: 114 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: movies based on Stephen King novels, superpowers, conspiracy movies

A father and daughter with superhuman abilities are on the run from the government in this dark thriller. Even though Stephen King didn’t particularly enjoy this adaptation of his novel at the time it was originally released, it is still a fun movie with a superb cast.

5. Insidious: The Red Door (2023)

Patrick Wilson in Insidious: The Red Door (2023).
Patrick Wilson (pictured) stars in Insidious: The Red Door along with Ty Simpkins.

Director: Patrick Wilson | Runtime:107 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: supernatural horror, spooky movies, the Insidious franchise

A father and son share a terrifying bond. They can both astral project, which makes them susceptible to being targeted by the evil entities that dwell within The Further. They’ve both had their memories of their experiences of astral projection repressed, and the repression has contributed to a strained relationship between them that neither can fully explain. When the son, Dalton, once again becomes entangled in The Further, the father, Josh, must come to his boy’s aid.

6. Fractured (2019)

Fractured (2019)
Fractured plays with the viewer’s sense of reality.

Director: Brad Anderson | Runtime: 100 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: psychological thrillers, mysteries

Sam Worthington stars as Ray, a father desperate to find his wife and daughter. Ray’s daughter Peri is injured in a fall, and Ray waits in the hospital waiting room as his wife accompanies their daughter for treatment. Ray falls asleep, and when he wakes up his wife and daughter are nowhere to be found. Even worse, everyone in the hospital insists that Ray came in alone.

7. Day Shift (2022)

Day Shift (2022)
Jamie Foxx is great in this action horror comedy.

Director: J.J. Perry | Runtime: 113 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: vampire movies, action horror, comedies

In Day Shift, Jamie Foxx plays Bud Jablonski, a father who leads a double life as a vampire hunter masquerading as a pool cleaner. Bud is in desperate need of quick cash to keep his daughter from being moved across the country with his ex-wife, and his plan to rejoin the vampire-hunting union he never got along with leads him into a fight against a powerful group of bloodsuckers.

8. Cargo (2017)

Martin Freeman in Cargo (2017).
Martin Freeman stars in Cargo.

Director: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke | Runtime: 104 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: zombie movies, Australian horror, survival movies

Cargo shows us a father’s worst nightmare. During an apocalyptic outbreak that turns people into mindless, violent monsters, Andy loses his wife to the horrific virus. Andy is bitten by his wife, so now he desperately searches for a way to protect his baby daughter before he too succumbs to the horrific virus.

9. Your Son (2018)

Your Son (aka Tu Hijo, 2018)
José Coronado stars in Your Son as Jaime Jiménez.

Director: Miguel Ángel Vivas | Runtime: 103 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: revenge movies, dark dramas, suspense

Jaime Jiménez, a respected surgeon, is distraught over the brutal beating of his son. When the law fails to bring the perpetrators to justice, Jaime begins to investigate for himself. His search takes him down a dramatically dark path of revenge in this tense and unsettling thriller.

10. Oldboy (2003)

Choi Min-sik in Oldboy (2003)
Oldboy is the second in director Park Chan-wook’s “Vengeance Trilogy,” the first being Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), and the third being Lady Vengeance (2005). (pictured: Choi Min-sik)

Director: Park Chan-wook | Runtime: 120 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: revenge movies, Korean thrillers, messed-up Father’s Day movies

Dae-su misses his daughter’s fourth birthday when he is kidnapped. Fifteen years later, Dae-su is released. Now Dae-su attempts to find his daughter while also trying to find out who held him prisoner for so long, and why. What follows is one of the best and most uncomfortable cinematic tales of revenge.

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