10 Horror Movies on Tubi to Watch During Pride Month in June 2024

Celebrate Pride with some great horror and thriller movies!

Knife + Heart (2018) is a French movie that contains an unmistakable influence from classic Italian giallo films.

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Queerness and horror have been linked for decades, and horror is one of the best genres for telling stories that are meaningful for the LGBTQ+ community. So, during June, why not celebrate Pride Month by watching a few horror and thriller movies that feature queer themes and characters?

The Best LGBTQ+ Horror and Thriller Movies on Tubi in June 2024

1. Thelma (2018)

Why Watch It? Thelma is a dramatic and cerebral horror film with some powerful imagery.

Official Description: When a sexually repressed college student explores her feelings for her female friend, she unwittingly unleashes terrifying psychokinetic powers.

2. Knife + Heart (2018)

Why Watch It? Fans of giallo films will enjoy the look and feel of Knife + Heart.

Official Description: A masked madman stalks a gay porn set in 1979 Paris, while its producer, Anne, tries to win back her lover by shooting her most ambitious film yet.

3. Bit (2020)

Why Watch It? Bit is low-budget teen horror that isn’t particularly deep or subtle, but it’s still pretty fun nonetheless.

Official Description: On her summer break in Los Angeles, a transgender teen girl falls in with a gang of queer feminist vampires rooting out the city’s toxic masculinity.

4. Slay (2024)

Why Watch It? Slay is like a drag version of From Dusk Till Dawn (and a vampire version of To Wong Foo). It’s a silly horror horror comedy with a surprising amount of heart.

Official Description: Four drag queens booked at the wrong venue manage to win over an unfriendly crowd when they become the biker bar’s defenders against a vampire attack.

5. B&B (2017)

Why Watch It? This thriller has an intriguing setup and builds good tension. The plot wanders a bit after a while, but it’s still an effective movie overall.

Official Description: A gay London couple stay at a remote B&B run by a Christian owner, but the weekend quickly takes a sinister turn when another guest arrives.

6. Devil’s Path (2018)

Why Watch It? Though a bit of a slow burn, Devil’s Path takes a nice and twisty path to its conclusion.

Official Description: Two strangers who share a romantic tryst at a gay cruising spot at a wilderness park become unwitting players in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

7. Blue My Mind (2017)

Why Watch It? Blue My Mind is a queer-coded coming-of-age body horror film. Though more dramatic than strictly horrific, it is a story that is remarkably well done.

Official Description: A teenage girl is overwhelmed by her body changing radically while trying in vain to stop the process and fight against the power of human nature.

8. Rift (2017)

Why Watch It? Rift builds suspense incredibly well, and it is strikingly photographed.

Official Description: Icelandic horror-thriller about a man who goes to help his distressed ex-boyfriend in the secluded countryside where danger lurks outside the door.

9. Lyle (2014)

Why Watch It? This psychological horror film centered on a pregnant woman and her wife is like modern Rosemary’s Baby.

Official Description: Leah’s grief over the death of her toddler turns to paranoia when she begins to suspect her eccentric neighbors are involved in a satanic pact.

10. Alone With You (2021)

Why Watch It? Alone With You is a hidden-gem psychological horror movie about a woman who is alone in her apartment, waiting for her girlfriend to arrive. It’s claustrophobic and tense, and Emily Bennett is fantastic in the lead role.

Official Description: Trapped in her apartment, a young woman begins to hear voices and see shadows that slowly begin to reveal a truth she’s been unwilling to face.

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