7 New Horror Movies Streaming This Weekend (5/26)

On her trip Madison meets CW (Cassandra Naud) and the two decide to travel together. However, once they are isolated on an island, CW’s behavior takes a dark turn.

Horror thriller Influencer (2023) dives into the dark world of social media.

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Here are the best horror movies streaming the weekend of 5/26/23:

Missing (2023). Streaming on Netflix. A screenlife thriller movie about a missing person that also serves as a standalone sequel to Searching (2018). Similar to a found footage movie, a screenlife movie takes place entirely on a computer screen. Throughout Missing we follow June’s (Storm Reid) movements as she searches for her missing mother. The film’s shocking twist-ending is pretty satisfying and it’s a solid Netflix film.

Influencer (2023). Streaming on Shudder. A horror thriller about a social media influencer, Madison (Emily Tennant), who travels to Thailand. On her trip Madison meets CW (Cassandra Naud) and the two decide to travel together. However, once they are isolated on an island, CW’s behavior takes a dark turn.

Faithfully Yours (2022). Streaming on Netflix. A Dutch thriller dubbed in English for Netflix, Faithfully Yours tells the story of two women who help each other cheat on their husbands. Bodil (Bracha van Doesburgh) and Isabel (Elise Schaap) exchange elaborate plans to convince their husbands they are on a girls weekend while they are actually having affairs. When Isabel must leave early she stops by the cottage where Bodil is staying to pick up her phone (which her husband has been tracking), however Bodil then discovers a chaotic and bloody scene. The police suspect Bodil, who struggles to tell the full truth when it incriminates herself so much. A bonus for any OC fans is that the lead actress bears a striking resemblance to American actress Mischa Barton.

Creepypasta (2023). Streaming on Screambox. A horror anthology movie in which each segment is based on viral internet stories known as creepypasta. The frame story follows a man trapped in an abandoned house who watches videos for clues about how to escape. You can catch up on some of the best creepypasta stories of all time here before viewing.

Dark Nature (2023). Available on VOD. A suspense horror following a woman, Joy (Hannah Emily Anderson), who joins her therapy group on an isolated mountain retreat. Joy is recently out of an abusive relationship and is constantly distracted by painful flashbacks to her trauma. The therapy weekend takes a turn when the group members are forced to confront something monstrous.

Day Zero (2023). Available on VOD. An action horror movie following a violent zombie pandemic that destroys civilization as we know it. Elite soldier Emon (Brandon Vera) breaks out of jail in the ensuing chaos and sets out to find his family. A Filipino film with English subtitles available.

Walking Against the Rain (2023). Available on VOD. A horror drama following two strangers, Blair and Tommy (Sophia Eleni and Reece Douglas), attempting to traverse a desolate and dangerous landscape. Not only are the two being hunted by “The Forsaken”, their only means of communication are radios that are about to run out of battery. Fans of post-apocalyptic and fantasy horror films should check this one out.

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