9+ Jack-O’-Lantern Horror Movies on Tubi in October 2023

Celebrate Halloween in October with Tubi and these horror movies featuring killer jack-o’-lanterns!

All Hallows’ Eve 2 (2014) is a horror anthology film that begins with a good pumpkin-themed story.

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If you’re like us, you watch horror movies throughout every month of the year, not just October. To make October feel even more special when you’re always watching horror, you might have to get a bit creative with you choices during the Halloween season. So, for October’s Tubi recommendations we dug deep and carved out a list of an incredibly niche subgenre: jack-o’-lantern horror movies!

What that means is that every movie on this list (with an understandable exception of one film) contains either a killer wearing a jack-o’-lantern mask, a humanoid creature who is part pumpkin, or an actual killer jack-o’-lantern. We did have to dig really deep into the Tubi library, so viewers with tastes open to differing levels of film quality will get the most out of this list. Believe it or not, we had to make some cuts. But also, rest assured that all of the movies recommended here are highly entertaining in their own ways.

Jack-O’-Lantern Horror Movies on Tubi in October 2023

1. Tales of Halloween (2015)

Tales of Halloween (2015)
The final segment of Tales of Halloween, titled “The Bad Seed,” is about killer jack-o’-lanterns.

Why Watch It? Tales of Halloween is a very entertaining horror anthology film that contains shorts from talented directors including Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II-IV), Lucky McKee (May), Axelle Carolyn (episodes of The Midnight Club), Dave Parker (The Dead Hate the Living), and Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent).

Official Description: Every year on October 31, a town is tortured by ghosts, ghouls, and other wicked surprises, as told through these 10 chilling stories.

2. Pumpkins (2019)

Pumpkins (2019)
The look of the jack-o’-lantern-faced killer in Pumpkins is quite memorable, so we won’t completely spoil it here.

Why Watch It? Pumpkins is a back-from-the-dead-for-revenge slasher movie with an absurd and fun killer. The setup of the movie is probably the best part, but it’s still a pretty good time overall for fans of very low-budget horror.

Official Description: When hoodlums destroy an elderly man’s pumpkin patch and send him into cardiac arrest, he returns from the grave as a gourd-like ghoul out for blood.

3. Black Pumpkin (2018)

Black Pumpkin (2018)
Black Pumpkin has a killer with an evil jack-o’-lantern face, and there’s even an actual killer black pumpkin in the opening scene.

Why Watch It? Black Pumpkin takes some clear influences from other holiday slashers (like Halloween and Trick ‘r Treat), and its pint-sized killer is quite vicious.

Official Description: Taking place during Halloween of 2018, two small town tweens accidentally rouse a ferocious evil that terrorizes the locals after more than 20 years.

4. The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

The Pumpkin Karver (2006)
The killer in The Pumpkin Karver wears a mask that looks like a mangled, decomposing jack-o’-lantern.

Why Watch It? The Pumpkin Karver has some nice twists, and the special effects are cheesy in a fun way.

Official Description: On the year anniversary that a man murdered his sister’s boyfriend, who he thought was a masked Halloween killer, a real masked killer comes knocking.

5. Hack-O-Lantern (1988)

Hack-O-Lantern (1988)
Full disclosure: This movie is on the list because of its title and because it’s cheesy fun. There are pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns in the movie, but the killer wears a demon/devil mask.

Why Watch It? Hack-O-Lantern has a murderous cult, Satanic rituals, and it takes an extended break from the plot to show us an entire music video from the 1980s metal band D.C. Lacroix.

Official Description: A young man’s grandfather begins grooming him to be the successor to his murderous satanic cult that sacrifices its victims on Halloween.

6. Halloween Jack (2022)

Halloween Jack (2022)
Yes, the jack-o’-lantern mask looks like a store-bought Halloween mask. It fits the aesthetic of the movie though.

Why Watch It? Halloween Jack feels like someone’s homemade horror movie which, for the right audience, gives it an endearing quality.

Official Description: Ten years after the gruesome murders at a holiday camp site, the three survivors return to Halloween Camp to try and put their past behind them.

7. All Hallows’ Eve 2 (2014)

All Hallows' Eve 2 (2014)
This is a sequel to All Hallows’ Eve (2013) which features Art the Clown of the Terrifier movies, but Art is not present in All Hallows’ Eve 2. Damien Leone, who created Art and directed the first All Hallows’ Eve, is credited as a producer for All Hallows’ Eve 2.

Why Watch It? All Hallows’ Eve 2 is a horror anthology film that has some really fun monsters, murderers, and gore, and in a way it features two different variations of killer pumpkins/jack-o’-lanterns.

Official Description: On Halloween night, a woman must decide whether or not the gruesome stories on a VHS tape are real — while staying clear of a pumpkin-faced killer.

8. Headless Horseman (2022)

Headless Horseman (2022)
The “headless horseman” actually has a real, human head, and he rarely uses his flaming jack-o’-lantern head granted to him by the Devil. Still, his big and silly pumpkin head is amusing when it appears.

Why Watch It? The Headless Horseman is more of a dark superhero movie than a straight horror movie, kind of like the movie Faust: Love of the Damned (2000). Also, the main character’s powers/weaknesses are like a bad cross between Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and Morbius.

Official Description: A dying man makes a deal with the Devil, who bestows upon him a killer claw, a flaming jack-o’-lantern head, and a thirst for human blood.

9. Trick (2019)

Trick (2019)
The jack-o’-lantern mask seen here isn’t used throughout the entire movie, but it is featured in the opening scene.

Why Watch It? Trick is a solid slasher with some nice serial-killer action and a few interesting twists.

Official Description: Small-town detective Mike Denver struggles to get ahead of a masked mass murderer called “Trick,” who reappears every Halloween to wreak bloody havoc.

Bonus Jack-O’-Lantern Videos on Tubi

Basic How-To Halloween Makeups (2007)

Basic How-To Halloween Makeups (2007)
The release date is shown as 2007 on Tubi and IMDB, but this video was originally released by filmmaker J.R. Bookwalter on VHS in 1987, then re-released with a second part in 1991. 2007 is the year it was released on DVD by Tempe Video.

Why Watch It? It is good as background noise during the Halloween season, and maybe it’ll inspire you to paint your own face like a jack-o’-lantern, a swamp creature, a ghastly ghoul, or any of the twenty ideas presented here. If you’re old enough, the VHS-quality video and 1980s hairstyles might even have some nostalgic value.

Official Description: Hollywood makeup artists introduce easy-to-apply makeup looks, including pumpkin head, lizard, witch, cat, exorcism victim, vampire, and more.

Halloween Jack O’Lantern

Halloween Jack O'Lantern
Halloween Jack O’Lantern is a Halloween version of those Yule log videos you always see at around Christmas.

Why Watch It? This is about an hour of a close-up on a lit jack-o’-lantern accompanied by spooky sounds and music (including, of course, a mimic of the Halloween theme). It’s not something you’ll actually sit down and watch, it’s just nice to have on while you do other things. Oddities like this can be fun.

Official Description: This spooky jack o’lantern is sure to light up your Halloween party, and prepare you for the ever-festive and frightening holiday.

Halloween Lounge

Halloween Lounge
The “witches brew” is the best video in this Halloween Lounge because there is no added music. All you hear are the crackling flames and the bubbling of whatever is in the cauldron.

Why Watch It? This is the same basic idea as the Halloween Jack O’Lantern video above (a Halloween version of a Yule log video), but it gives you more options. Choose from images of spooky locations, two jack-o’-lanterns with candles, animated Halloween imagery, a bubbling “witches brew,” and an animated jack-o’-lantern.

Official Description: Enjoy this creepy jack-o’-lantern with haunting winds and scary music! Perfect for Halloween night, Halloween parties, or any Halloween themed event.

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