4 New Horror Movies Streaming This Weekend (7/14)

The long awaited sequel to the biggest Netflix horror movie of all time is here!

Bird Box Barcelona (2023) is the long-awaited sequel to Bird Box (2018).

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Here are the best horror movies and shows streaming this weekend (7/14):

Bird Box Barcelona (2023). Streaming on Netflix. The long awaited sequel to the biggest Netflix horror movie of all time is here! Bird Box Barcelona is a standalone sequel that covers the madness of the Bird Box epidemic as experienced by a man and his daughter in Spain. Though the film is set in Barcelona, there are a mix of English and Spanish speaking characters. There are subtitles for English speaking audiences. The original Bird Box (2018) is also still on Netflix if you’d like to make it a double feature.

We Might Hurt Each Other (2022). Streaming on Screambox. Lithuania’s first slasher movie ever releases this week. We Might Hurt Each Other follows high school classmates at a wild graduation party at a cabin in the woods. When they destroy a wooden folk-art sculpture, a killer starts murdering the party goers one by one.

Quicksand (2023). Streaming on Shudder. Finally a quicksand horror movie! Quicksand is a Colombian thriller about a troubled married couple hiking in the rainforest. When they become trapped in quicksand, they must work together to survive the elements and escape with their lives.

God Is a Bullet (2023). Streaming on video on demand (VOD). A star-studded action horror movie about a detective (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who infiltrates an evil cult in order to save his daughter with the help of a woman who previously escaped the cult (Maika Monroe). Jamie Foxx, January Jones, Paul Johansson, David Thornton also star. Based on the novel by Boston Teran.

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