6 Creepy Movies Streaming This Weekend (5/24)

The best of streaming for Memorial Day weekend.

Georgina Campbell stars in Lovely, Dark and Deep (2023), now streaming on Tubi.

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Here are the movies that should be on your radar this weekend (5/24):

Lovely, Dark and Deep (2023). Streaming on Tubi. This supernatural backwoods horror movie went straight from video on demand to Tubi. Georgina Campbell stars as a park ranger in an area where staff and rangers have frequently gone missing. The film alludes to the real phenomena (or conspiracy theory) of a concerning number of missing people in the national parks system. It’s slow but at least pretty to watch.

Good Boy (2023). Streaming on Prime Video. This is a strange Norwegian horror movie about a man, Christian, and a woman, Sigrid, who meet on a dating app. At first the couple get along, and Sigrid even goes to Christian’s home. However, things take a sharp turn when she discovers his “dog” is actually a fully grown man in a dog costume.

A Simple Favor (2018). Streaming on Netflix. This mystery thriller stars Anna Kendrick as a mommy blogger and Blake Lively as an enigmatic PR exec. The women meet at their children’s school and become friends. When Lively’s character disappears, Kendrick’s puts on her internet sleuth cap and searches for answers.

The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018). Streaming on Max. It’s a great time to rewatch (or enjoy the first time) this Strangers sequel, which is much better than people gave it credit for when it came out. Prey at Night sees a family on a road trip stopping at an off-season resort, where The Strangers begin stalking them. This film is worth watching for the pool scene (set to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”) alone.

Ticks (1993). Streaming on Prime Video. This is a forgotten direct-to-video horror movie about an evil pot farmer (lol) who creates a race of super-ticks by spraying his plants with steroids. Meanwhile, an inner-city wilderness program brings a motley crew of teens (including Seth Green) to the woods. This movie will activate your entomophobia enough to justify staying home from any outdoor activities this weekend.

Monster (2023). Streaming on Netflix. A big warning: if you don’t like seeing children in peril, this one is not for you. Monster is a foreign horror movie (Indonesian) with no dialogue. It follows two children who are kidnapped by a man and held hostage in his home. The children’s screams are distressing and the film is scary, but it kind of just feels like watching someone play a horror video game.

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