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A Bachelor Party Gets Hunted Down This Weekend on Netflix

Stay with me, but what if this is a spiritual sequel to Promising Young Woman?

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

It’s official: Halloween Kills will be available to stream at home the same day it hits theaters. You’ll be able to stream the movie on Peacock on October 15. The studio is giving fans the option of going to theaters or staying home due to the pandemic, but I really hope this trend sticks around for homebodies like me.

Here’s the best horror streaming this weekend:

Prey. Streaming on Netflix. This new horror movie premieres today on the streaming service. Prey is about a group of men who go camping on a bachelor party trip. They are then tormented by an unseen hunter. My horror movie spidey senses are tingling that this may give us a great twist ending whenever we find out who is turning these men into Prey. Stay with me, but what if this is a spiritual sequel to Promising Young Woman?

Held. Streaming on Hulu. Another AirBnb horrror movie. This one is about a couple whose idyllic country vacation turns horrifying when an unknown assailant uses the home’s smart devices to terrorize them.

Black Swan. Streaming on Hulu. This Darren Aronofsky psychological thriller from 2010 is deeply unsettling. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star as ballerinas competing with each other for the lead in a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

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