A New Psychological Horror Movie Is Streaming on Netflix

Sarah Snook stars as a single mother and a fertility doctor whose daughter claims to remember details from a previous life.

Lily LaTorre appears in Run Rabbit Run (2023) by Daina Reid. Courtesy of Sundance Institute. | Photo by Sarah Enticknap.

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Here are the best horror movies streaming on the weekend of 6/30:

Run Rabbit Run (2023). Streaming on Netflix. Succession‘s Sarah Snook stars in this psychological horror movie as a single mother and a fertility doctor whose daughter claims to remember details from a previous life. Secrets from the past come out and the doctor must confront the limits of her scientific beliefs. Run Rabbit Run was one of the best horror movies at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

M3GAN (2023). Streaming on Prime Video. One of the first big horror movies of 2023, M3GAN is a fun sci-fi horror movie starring Allison Williams as a roboticist who gains custody of her niece after a tragic accident. The relationship inspires her to create an AI doll for kids, which she names M3GAN. Both the PG-13 and unrated versions of M3GAN hit Prime Video earlier this week (you can read our explainer about the differences here).

The Gates (2023). Available on video on demand (rental on Amazon or YouTube). In 1890s London a serial killer is sentenced to death by the electric chair. From death row the killer places a curse on the prison and all those in it. Those around him wonder if the killer has transcended death and paranormal investigators arrive to see who or what is haunting the prison.

This week in horror news:

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